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AiProtect Training at Montville, NJ for 120 High School Teachers & Staff


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Centering and mindfulness are critical basics for effective thinking and acting in any situation—from individual empowerment, self confidence and overall awareness to daily student and classroom management to effective response during crisis scenarios. 


Participants in all of our AiProtect programs are introduced to easy ways of practicing being centered and mindful—critical assets for critical thinking and effective acting. 
We expand those attributes into situation awareness and threat assessment that support any further worst-case scenario training. Participants are also introduced to proven hands-on methods of evasion and escape and, if required, practical techniques for takedowns and control and compliance.



Let's assume...

…that the average individual is no match, especially strength-wise, against an aggressor.
...So strength-based self defense techniques are off the table.


...that the average individual does not have a self defense or martial art background or the years of dedicated training it would take to acquire those martial arts skills.
...So martial arts expertise is off the table.


...that the average individual prefers a non-violent option for his or her self protection as opposed to the more commonly known violent (and legally undesirable) responses, escalations or unfortunate results.
…So violent, escalated responses to the most common scenarios of self defense are off the table.


There are smarter and more effective ways…

to manage self defense for the average citizen or law enforcement professional—and that is what our specially designed AiProtect programs are about.


We've combined our extensive self defense, martial arts and defensive tactics experience along with our extensive experience in teaching all levels of self protection to all ages, agencies and law enforcement for over thirty years with the most practical protocols for today's effective civil use of force as it applies to any individual, institution or agency.


AiProtect is an effective, ethically-based, continuously-evolving method of personal protection that employs non-violent strategies with a wide variety of approaches and techniques that accesses, manages, blends with, redirects and controls any attack—ideally resolving it even for the benefit of all parties. It is the answer for our society's continued growth towards civility.


Training in Mindfulness and Centering, Personal Protection,  Intervention and Control & Compliance


          For Individuals and Agencies—

              Men, Women, Teens, Children


              Social Workers

              Real Estate Professionals

              Office Staff


              First Responders

              Medical Professionals

              Security Officers and 

              All levels of Law Enforcement.

Centering & Mindfulness

Participants learn easy mindfulness and centering methods that can be practiced anywhere in order to be calm, aware, alert and best able to respond quickly and appropriately to any situation allowing for clear, quick thinking and effective action under pressure.


Threat Assessment, De-escalation & Response

Participants learn how to scan the environment to be aware of and identify potential threats, means of egress and contextual considerations to ensure personal safety and handle, defuse and de-escalate threats using voice, gestures and body positioning and, if necessary, employing simple easy-to-learn, effective methods of escape, self protection and self defense to avoid incurring escalation and liability.


Escapes and Empowerments

Participants learn how to stand their ground to avoid and defend against pushes, shoves and rushes, grabbing attacks, punches, strikes, and chokes as well as how to safely recover from slips and falls (low-no impact intro) and how to defend themselves from the ground.


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  AiProtect  AiProtect

What is AiProtect
and how does it work?


AiProtect is a new and unique way to learn highly effective, real-world personal protection using centering and mindfulness along with low-impact, proven techniques for self defense.


We've combined our extensive self defense, martial arts and defensive tactics experience along with our extensive experience in teaching all levels of self protection to individuals, agencies and law enforcement with the most desired yet effective protocols for civil use of force as it applies to any individual, profession or agency.


AiProtect methods, skills and techniques are all taught in a safe, fun interactive program that provides participants with comfortable, knowledgable experience and confidence.

All AiProtect workshops cover the basics of centering and mindfulness thru addressing the more common attacks that are generally not covered in traditional marital arts programs (pushing/shoving, thumb down grabs, head punches, etc.) along with learning to be comfortable with natural fight-flight-freeze reactions and other effective options.


AiProtect techniques have been simplified and can be learned quickly by anyone of any age. For example, the same techniques that form the basis of AiProtect for Kids (and Their Parents!) can be applied to teens and adults or any profession or agency—including security and law enforcement. The AiProtect approach can also be expanded and customized according to individual or professional needs.


AiProtect for Kids (and Their Parents!) has an innovative and unique approach where parents participate along side their children. They also learn these valuable self defense skills and are then able to reinforce them at home with their children. They have quality time together as parents get to see their children learning to defend themselves while having fun with their parents.

"Simplified Self Defense For Everyone"



AiProtect Group 1

AiProtect kids and their parents Workshop Participants



About Aikido

Aikido is a unique martial art, the full power of which is rarely seen. From a self-defense aspect it can end an attack suddenly, severely and decisively or with the gentleness of a soft breeze. Aikido’s unique approach is to blend with an attacks rather than clash with it. The attack is the redirected safely away or taken to a pin.
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About Aikido Centers

Aikido Centers is an organization of traditional Aikido dojos established in 1986 emphasizing Aikido's effectiveness along with its peaceful philosophy, ideals and ethics. We have locations throughout NJ & PA with over 40 Certified Black Belt instructors under the direction of our chief instructor and founder, Greg O’Connor who has been practicing and teaching Aikido since 1976 and is ranked by Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan as a 7th Degree Black Belt.
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