Easy, Effective Self Protection for Your Kids (and you)!



What is AiProtect and how does it work?

Basically, AiProtect for Kids (and Their Parents!) is a new and unique way to learn highly effective, real-world self protection for kids and their parents or guardians using low-impact, proven techniques for almost any age.

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AiProtect workshops cover the basics of centering and mindfulness and then addresses the more common attacks that are generally not covered in traditional Marital Arts programs (pushing/shoving, thumb down grabs, head punches, etc.) along with so much more that the general public can benefit from regarding an Aikido-based approach to self-protection.

Parents will participate along side their children in order to also learn these important self defense skills and be able to reinforce them at home with their children.

AiProtect techniques have been simplified and are based on a quick learning curve that can achieved by almost anyone of any age. The same techniques that form the basis of AiProtect for Kids (& Their Parents), for instance, can be applied right thru to any teens and adults or any profession or agency. The AiProtect approach can then be expanded and customized according to individual needs or professions.

AiProtect for Kids (and Their Parents!) and other AiProtect workshops which will be open to all dojo members, family and friends as well as the general public. Schedule will be available soon.

"Self Defense For The Rest Of Us"

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